Who We Are?

The Hayley Consulting services has developed a unique services methodology that fosters a deep understanding of our customers’ businesses and industries in order to act as a trusted business adviser. At Hayley, each project is guided by an agile deployment methodology that utilizes iterative, time-boxed implementation techniques to rapidly deliver software solutions to our customers. Our approach ensures that value is achieved early and often throughout the lifecycle of each customer’s ERP implementation. As an organization that supports both cloud and on-premise solution deployments, we recognize that some services are best delivered remotely by a highly skilled team, while others are more effectively delivered by local consultants working directly with customers. The Hayley services methodology also pulls the right mix of resources from a global team of experts, keeping costs down while still meeting each customer’s unique project requirements. hashtag



Deliver the best, cause no unnecessary harm, use fine blend to inspire and implement solutions & technologies for modern businesses and trades get connected always.


Providing centralized and connected enterprise software solutions and business communication channels for modern business organization challenges to sustain and grow in digitize world.

Our Management Team

Chumley Dharmasiri Founder & CEO

Mahesh Ganewatta Partner & CFO

Thiwanka Pathirana Partner & CTO

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We always connect in global partner channel networks, professionals and stay tuned on trends in emerging markets unleash the full potential of newest technologies and right product mix for the right businesses on right time.

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