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An ERP Service Provider

At HCL, we believe that technology is at the forefront of empowering people and organizations throughout the world

Company Intro

Hayley Consulting (Private) Limited is a young and dynamic Enterprise Software Solutions company, based in Sri Lanka. The company’s primary focus is on Mid-size organizations across different industries with an aim of assisting these organizations to better implement and manage their ERP services

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At HCL we have assisted many SME companies to grow better by working together to increase their productivity through ERP project initiatives

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We also help dynamic organizations align their IT application services with their business requirements. We have open conversations and deep dive into their businesses

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The company’s founder is a passionate tech and customer support savvy person who understands both elements of customer demand and service delivery

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Enabling HCL customers to enjoy the best of both worlds as the company’s foundation is always customer centric and solution focused

Our founding ethos was to ‘Support customers who have already implemented ERP solutions but are not well aligned’. We found this gap was not filled by many service providers who moved out of the client after the initial solutions implementation, leaving a void after a considerable financial investment was made. Based on our ethos we get into the shoes of our clients, spent time with them to understand their problems, find solutions and are able to maximize the ROI’s. In everything we do, we strive to maintain our clients initial competitive advantage while minimizing the increased risks that accompanies larger business dependencies on technology solutions


We monitor the health of enterprise application systems, take care of client databases, servers, guide staff to build competencies on the system and implement best practices. We are focused in helping customers overcome failures to success while other supporting agencies go digital